Pros and Cons of Temp Agencies Greenville NC

It is important in this day and age to have some sort of income, whether it be from full-time, part-time, or temporary work. If you are experiencing a difficult time trying to find a job within the construction industry, using temp agencies Greenville NC might just be the answer you have been looking for. There are pros and cons to using a temporary staffing agency to find a job, and it is important to weigh them out before diving in. LaborQuick is here to provide you with the most important pros and cons when considering finding employment through our temp agencies Greenville NC. 


  • Flexibility. When working temp jobs, you can select how long you want to work for, and how long of a break you want to take in between jobs, that you wouldn’t typically have when working a full-time position. You can complete a job found through a temp agency then use the break between periods of employment to travel or work on personal projects, before hopping into work again. This enables you to have a little cash in your pocket while still having time to enjoy your hobbies. 
  • Build Connections and Experience. When working on different construction projects, you get to meet numerous amounts of people and can pick up some pretty useful skillsets that can be added to your resume for future jobs. These connections can eventually lead to other job opportunities that are on the “DL” temp agencies Greenville NC may not even know about them. The more experience you build the more opportunities you will have which makes it easier to find work that you enjoy. 
  • Transition into Permanent Positions. Just because you are hired as a temporary employee doesn’t always mean that is what you’ll stay. The company you work for is taking the time and money out of their budget to train you on how to do a job properly. If you work hard and make a lasting impression, the company may just want to hire you for a full-time position. Landing jobs through temp agencies Greenville NC are great ways to get your foot in the door to see if you really like a position before any long term commitment is made. 


  • Feeling like an outsider. When you are jumping from job to job, you never get to create long term relationships with any of your coworkers or employers. This can result in feeling isolated when on the site. Coworkers might know that you are only there temporarily and don’t feel the need to befriend you since you won’t be around long. Your workspace or benefits can also be different from the full-time, permanent employees, leaving you feeling like an outcast. 
  • Lack of stability. Some people may love the idea of being able to work when they want and to have time off when they don’t. But for those who need stability in their lives, this can cause stress or confusion. Breaks in your income can put your financial health at risk, and moving up the ladder of positions can be challenging if you are constantly in short-term positions. 
  • Many misconceptions. Because of the term “temporary staffing” the staffing industry gets a negative reputation. Most may turn their noses up to the fact that you are looking for a position through a temp agency and not take the job you do seriously. But, there are many misconceptions about the staffing industry that most don’t take the time to learn about, which can hurt their job search. 

For some, the cons outweigh the pros when it comes to using temp agencies Greenville NC to find work in the Eastern North Carolina area, but for most, the possibilities and customization of temporary positions are what make them so attractive. 

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