3 Common Misconceptions of Staffing Companies

Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about staffing companies and their recruiters. If you are in the job market seeking a new position, the chances of speaking to a recruiter throughout the job search process are very high. Staffing companies in Greenville, NC have various recruiters that serve an important and valuable function in your quest for a new job or advancement in your career. Let LaborQuick help by debunking three common misconceptions of staffing companies!

Staffing Companies Take a Fee from Your Salary

Staffing companies do not cost the candidate any money. This is the most common misconception about staffing companies in Greenville, NC causing many to lose out on great opportunities with employers they will love. Recruiters and their agencies are hired by companies to resource candidates for their staffing needs and therefore those companies pay the bill. Meaning, your salary is not touched by the staffing company at all.

Staffing Company Recruiters Only Care About Filling the Positions

Most staffing agencies in Greenville, NC such as LaborQuick will go beyond their call of duty to help their candidates prepare for their interviews and create outstanding cover letters and resumes. LaborQuick also stays up to date on the candidates after the hiring process is over. If you are hired, you might be in contact with your recruiter again so it’s important to keep the relationship beneficial. Sending in less than qualified candidates could damage a staffing agency’s relationship with their clients and the company they are hiring for. A staffing company’s recruiter does not go through the hiring process entirely without fighting for a candidate that they truly believe is a good fit.

Staffing Companies Only Hire for Temporary Positions

Staffing companies in Greenville, NC hire for all types of roles from temporary and contract positions to direct-hire, part-time, and full-time positions. Whenever a staffing agency recruiter reaches out to you, make sure to listen to them and ask questions about the type of work it is. If you are not interested in temporary positions, you can make that clear and ask them to keep in contact with you for more permanent opportunities. Staffing companies in Greenville, NC and LaborQuick are on your side!

LaborQuick Staffing Inc.

LaborQuick is a staffing agency in Greenville, NC that provides construction staffing solutions to cities across Eastern NC, whether you are a company searching for reliable workers or a candidate searching for employment. We hire only the best, so both parties can confidently commit to the job at hand. When strong hands meet strong minds, no job goes uncompleted. Whether you are a client or a candidate, we are committed to you.