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LaborQuick is the newest construction staffing company Greenville, NC, asolution for finding committed workers for reliable employers. Satisfying both the potential employee and the employer is our top priority, so we stand rooted in our mission to find committed hands to work on serious projects. LaborQuick's rigorous interview and hiring processes guarantee we will find the right person for the job.

Our eastern NC staffing company has served our community for over 18 years. With nearly two decades of construction staffing agency experience, our team possesses the knowledge and expertise to fill positions with the confidence that each potential employee will evolve into a loyal team member. We take pride in our passion for filling empty spots with competent workers.

Our company SMP Painting Contractors, Inc. has relied on LaborQuick for eight years to help us fulfill our labor needs in hiring painters through their company. The company is dependable, a pleasure to work with, and very professional. We have no complaints concerning their service and highly recommend LaborQuick.
Terri Lambert
SMP Painting Contractors, Inc.
Office Manager
LaborQuick has taken care of our staffing needs for more than 8 years. They are always very accommodating, with professional and friendly staff. I will continue to do more business with them for more years to come.
Kay Creasey
Intercoastal Marine, LLC

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Find answers to your most-asked questions about our selection process, recruiter qualifications, and more, and see how LaborQuick exceeds your construction staffing needs.

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What types of construction staffing roles do we specialize in?

LaborQuick specializes in a wide range of construction roles for temp agency, Greenville, NC, opportunities, including but not limited to general laborers, skilled trades such as electricians and plumbers, project managers, carpenters, electricians, plumbing technicians, and more. Our seasoned construction staffing agency expertise allows our recruiters to exceed the diverse eastern NC staffing company needs of our clients in the construction industry.

How does LaborQuick ensure candidate compliance with safety regulations and certifications?

Safety is a top priority for us. We ensure all candidates are properly trained and certified according to industry standards and regulations. Our recruiters verify certifications and provide ongoing safety training to our workforce. We also perform regular audits of our temp agency in Greenville, NC, to ensure compliance with all safety protocols.

How quickly can you fill a construction staffing request?

The timeline for filling a construction staffing request can vary based on the complexity and specificity of the role. However, our temp agency in Greenville, NC, manages an extensive database of pre-screened candidates and our efficient recruitment process allow us to respond to all construction staffing, Greenville, NC, requests within two to three business days.

What are the qualifications of your recruiters?

Our recruiters are seasoned construction staffing agency professionals with extensive backgrounds in the construction industry. They possess in-depth knowledge of various construction roles and requirements, and have hands-on experience in the field. LaborQuick's expertise enables our team to understand your staffing needs and select the most qualified candidates.

How do you manage the relationship between your agency and clients?

Our Greenville, NC, staffing company prioritizes open communication and transparency. We assign dedicated recruitment managers to each client to ensure personalized construction staffing agency service and timely responses to any inquiries or issues. Regular check-ins and feedback sessions help us align our services with your staffing needs and expectations.

Can we meet the candidates before making a hiring decision?

Yes, we encourage our clients to interview and meet potential candidates. This allows you to assess their suitability for your specific project and ensures that both parties are comfortable with the construction staffing, Greenville, NC, arrangement.

How do you ensure the reliability and quality of your staffing services?

LaborQuick upholds our client service to a rigorous quality control process that involves regular follow-ups with both clients and placed candidates. Our temp agency in Greenville, NC, consists of experienced industry professionals who understand the demands of construction projects. We also offer ongoing training for our recruiters to stay updated on industry trends and construction staffing, Greenville, NC, best practices.

What criteria do you use to select candidates for construction positions?

We use a comprehensive construction staffing agency selection process that includes evaluating the candidates’ work experience, skills, certifications, and references. LaborQuick's thorough conduct background checks and skill assessments cater to specific construction roles to ensure candidates meet the job requirements and your business' standards.