Tips To Make Your Resume Stand Out

Tips to Make Your Resume Stand Out | LaborQuick NC

Here at LaborQuick construction staffing agency, we receive hundreds of resumes a year from candidates looking for jobs in Greenville, NC, and surrounding areas. Applying for jobs can be stressful, so applicants need to make sure their resume stands out among other applicants. Since your resume is your first impression on future employers, it needs to be well put together since it will be doing the initial talking for you. Here are a few do’s and don’ts when updating your resume.

Highlight Relevant Work Experience

Though you may have had a lot of jobs in the past, you want to make sure to only list the most relevant jobs pertaining to the new position you are applying for. Most hiring managers or staffing agencies are going to skim your resume for about 10 seconds before moving on, so you want to make sure the most important info is at the top half of your resume to make them want to continue learning about you. Be sure to use bullet points that list basic, to-the-point descriptions with relevant keywords of what you were responsible for at your past jobs. You also want to highlight the skills you have that make you the perfect candidate and talk about projects and successes you have had that are relatable. If you have a lot of different work experiences but don’t want to list them all out, you can simply create a Skills section to highlight your top skills.

One Page - No More, No Less

At LaborQuick, we believe that resumes should be limited to one page! Staffing agencies and hiring managers are busy people, so keep it short, organized, and to the point. Remember that you can always adjust the margins and spacing to fit everything onto one page if you having a hard time squeezing everything in there. But what if you are having the opposite problem and need more info to fill up the page? LaborQuick construction staffing agency suggests that you can always add another section with volunteer work, side hustles, clubs or groups that you are a part of, or awards and certificates that you have received at past jobs. 

Formatting Goes A Long Way 

Showcase your professionalism and organizational skills by formatting your resume correctly. Making your resume easy to read with proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation will go a long way in the eyes of staffing agencies and hiring managers! Be sure to double-check spelling and grammar, use easy to read fonts, and save as a PDF to prevent future formatting issues. Remember that if your resume is a cluttered mess, most employers will skip right over it when narrowing down potential candidates. 

Things To Avoid On Your Resume

  • Too much or not enough information.
  • Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.
  • Inaccuracies about your qualifications or experience.
  • Unnecessary personal information, like your age.
  • Negative comments about your former employers.
  • Details about your hobbies and interests.

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