Tips for Staffing During Construction Season

In today’s post-pandemic environment, temp agencies for construction face new challenges in learning new strategies and staffing processes for construction agencies. From navigating staffing shortages and adjusting budgets to caring for employees throughout the pandemic and beyond, LaborQuick has collected useful tips and tools that have helped local NC temp agencies succeed. Are you looking for ways to navigate the ever-changing construction industry? Read on to learn more about how you can thrive in the environment from the leader in NC temp agencies.

Embrace Technological Advancement

When it comes to soaring through the industry, leaning on technological advancements that make the workplace safer and enhance task completion is paramount. Local temp agencies for construction lean on the use of these advancements to ensure progress and job safety. Construction staffing companies have learned to become comfortable with the use of drones for land surveys and inspections, but what about artificial intelligence? Simulators and other task education systems are constantly being developed for employee safety, along with increasing the security of NC temp agencies. Wearables are another beneficial addition to the construction industry. This technology allows project managers to manage individual employee safety through vitals tracking and enhances project efficiency by ensuring that workers remain healthy and safe.

Industry Expansion

With the passing of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act in late 2021, temp agencies for construction predict a massive expansion in the industry’s economic relevance. This act works to reinforce and modernize the public transit infrastructure that our nation needs to run. With this legislation passed, $550 billion in new spending will be invested into infrastructure across the country. The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will raise the demand for construction staff throughout NC temp agencies and beyond.

Rethink Staffing Strategies

With over 2.8 million employees leaving the construction workforce since February of 2020, it’s time to reconsider the way that staffing is executed. LaborQuick, the top of the list for temp agencies for construction, recommends considering the following when searching for new hires.

  • Offer benefits: Beyond short-term staffing solutions, benefits are an effective way of turning a short-term hire into a long-term employee.
  • Contribute to advancement opportunities: Offering apprenticeship opportunities and other training programs can lead to higher quality work sooner, as well as open the door for those starting in the industry to gain a wide variety of skills that can be used on your projects.
  • Competitive wages: An increase in wage opportunities can attract a wider range of applicants. While wages vary by location, having a performance bonus in place can entice workers to stay, and provide incentives for workers to perform and go above and beyond.

LaborQuick | Temp Agencies for Construction

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