Advancements in Wearable Construction Technology that you Should Know About

Out of all industries, construction is single-handedly the most dangerous. OSHA reported that, in 2019, over 5,000 workers died on the job. To combat the inherent and overwhelming risk ingrained within the industry, it is vital that wearable technology sees improvements. Whether you work with construction staffing companies or are working construction jobs in Greenville NC, you can benefit from the tech that is starting to emerge.

Augmented Reality Glasses

While it may seem that a construction worker would have no use for augmented reality, there are many practical applications. OSHA cites falls as the most common cause of fatalities on construction sites. Augmented reality glasses have the ability to warn and notify workers when they are approaching a ledge.

Glasses can also greatly improve construction management. By creating a 3D model of the building, workers on site could see where pipes, cables, and other materials are supposed to go in relation to the structure itself.

Smart Hard Hats

When working for construction staffing companies, the most standard piece of equipment is a hard hat. This doesn’t mean they cannot be improved, though. Construction is an extremely fatiguing and physically demanding job and can lead to workers being tired on site. This tiredness can lead to something called microsleeps, which are episodes of sleeping that last only around 30 seconds. In a field such as construction, this is enough time for something to go disastrously wrong. Smart hard hats have a brain wave sensor in the interior of the hat. If they detect brain waves that are indicative of an oncoming sleep episode, they can signal to the worker and foreman that it is time for a break.

Smart Boots

Along with hard hats, construction staffing companies and construction jobs in Greenville NC also supply their workers with work boots. Smart boots, however, have the ability to sense and warn about collisions. By using GPS tracking and comparing it with all other on-site employees, the boots can warn the wearer and help workers avoid injury.

Smart boots also have pressure detection capabilities. When working construction, you often have to move heavy things and there’s always a risk that it falls. If something were to fall on your foot, the pressure sensors within the boot would automatically signal for help, lessening the time when the worker is in danger or in pain.

Construction Staffing Companies and Wearable Tech

While construction staffing companies themselves likely wouldn’t provide the workers with the smart equipment, they can help you get work with a company that does. To learn more about what LaborQuick can offer you, visit our website today!