How Staffing Agencies Greenville NC Work

A staffing agency can boost your business in more ways than expected. If your company is looking for quality candidates that are hardworking, dedicated, and experienced in the position available, but can’t seem to find the right match, don’t enjoy spending countless hours reading through resumes, or simply don’t have the staffing it takes to hire new employees, staffing agencies Greenville NC is the answer to all of your problems. The concept can be a bit confusing, so LaborQuick, your premier staffing agency for the Eastern North Carolina area is here to explain the ins and outs of how staffing agencies work. 

  1. The employer contacts a staffing agency that is known for hiring candidates in your specific field of business. This is when you provide the information and details about the position or positions that you are looking to fill. These details can include job responsibilities and requirements, the number of positions you are looking to fill, the timeline you have available, and the salary or wage the employee will receive. 
  2. The staffing agency then creates the available position and adds it to their listing. This is when representatives can reach out to possible candidates that may fit the description and requirements to see if they are interested. Agencies can also advertise the availabilities on their websites, other hiring websites, and throughout their company. 
  3. The staffing firm then begins to receive candidates from the advertisements. Staffing agencies Greenville NC review each applicant, their resume, and any questions that were asked to depict if they would be a quality employee for your company. This is when you ask the agent to send over acceptable options for you to review and interview, or allow them to handle this process. If the agency is left in charge of conducting interviews, they will reach out to the selected candidates, hold interviews, and will choose the most qualified individuals to introduce to your business’s hiring manager. 
  4. Your business’s general manager or hiring manager can then conduct a second interview to determine if they are what you are looking for, or you can trust the staffing agency, and hire them on the spot. Either way, hiring staffing agencies Greenville NC to complete the hiring process will save your company time and money. 
  5. Once hired, the agency takes care of the necessary paperwork such as contracts, taxes, and other payroll requirements. You have a handful of new, responsible, and ready to work employees, and didn’t have to take any extra time out of your day. 

The key takeaway from this is that staffing agencies Greenville NC, such as LaborQuick, work as the middleman between your business and possible employees. We eliminate the most time-consuming components of the hiring process to allow you to allocate your efforts elsewhere.  LaborQuick, Construction Staffing Agencies Greenville NC

LaborQuick, Construction Staffing Agencies Greenville NC

LaborQuick is the construction industry’s newest solution to finding reliable workers for each of our employers, making it the top company for construction staffing Greenville NC. Satisfying both the potential employee as well as the employer is our top priority, so we stand rooted in our mission to find committed and reliable hands to work on projects big and small. Contact us today to find the right job, or reliable workers for your next job today!