What to Look For in a Candidate

Finding the right candidate for your position can be tricky. There are an ever-increasing amount of variables that can make a typical candidate the right or wrong candidate for a job. Understanding the tell-tale signs to look for during the hiring process can help you choose the right candidate the first time around. Using a staffing agency Greenville NC can help you decipher what qualities you’re looking for and which ones to steer clear from. Before you begin your search for your next employee take these four things into consideration: experience, timing, loyalty, and need.


In today’s workforce, experience is golden. When looking for your next hire, take experience into consideration, however, understand that not all experience is created equal. If you find a candidate with years of experience in a field that doesn’t correspond with the field you’re in, it may mean that while the candidate may be a hard worker, they will require lots of training.

Timing and Loyalty

A resume can help shed light on a lot about a potential candidate. If you find your candidate has a long list of short stints in positions, it can be a sign of an unhappy employee. It can reflect that the candidate could be a quick turnover, leaving you in a similar position, months if not weeks down the road. Furthermore, a large gap in their employment history could give an indication that they may not be prepared to use up-to-date technology or practices. Connecting with a staffing agency Greenville NC can help ensure your mind of those potential employee pitfalls prior to hiring the candidate.


Hiring based on needs can be tricky. While understanding skill-based hiring is a need, ensuring you’re using correct hiring practices can keep you from a potential discrimination lawsuit. Take time to research hiring practices based on gender, race, and ability prior to posting the position opening. By using a staffing agency Greenville NC, you can ensure the candidate you hire has the ability to perform the tasks you need.

Hiring the Right Candidate With a Staffing Agency Greenville NC

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