What Should I Wear to My Interview?

Interviews can be stressful. Deciding what to bring and expressing interest in a position can be nerve-wracking. Ensuring you’re wearing the right outfit for your interview can help ease a bit of the anxiety. Whether it's a suit or something a little more casual, take the position you are interviewing for into consideration to help ensure you are ready for your interview with your hiring agent. Using temp services Greenville NC can help prepare you for whatever position you are applying for.

Shirts and Jackets

In most cases, a suit and tie are the way to go. However, for some positions breaking out the full formal wear may be overkill. When deciding on whether or not to wear a suit jacket or tie, take these questions into consideration.

  • What is the dress code for the field I want to work in? If you’re applying for a position in construction a suit wouldn’t look right. Dress based on the position you are applying for.
  • What would my superior be wearing on a daily basis? Understanding you want to stick out above the regular employee can help you seem more professional during your interview. Research the typical clothing of a direct report and mimic their style to not overshadow them yet show off your professionalism.
  • Will these clothes feel comfortable during my interview? If you’re uncomfortable in a tie, don’t wear one unless absolutely necessary. In most cases, if you’re uncomfortable in the outfit you’re in, you will reflect that to the hiring agent throughout the interview process.


Whether it's dress pants, slacks, or jeans, ensuring you choose your nicest pair, free of holes and stains, is crucial. For those that may be going through a walkthrough of a construction site during their interview, ensuring your pants are fitted to you will help keep you safe as well as make you look more professional. If you aren’t sure what style of pants would work best for your interview, using your temp services Greenville NC agent to help you prepare can be a step in the right direction.


Dress shoes are almost always recommended when interviewing for a position. However, understanding your shoes must fit with the rest of your clothing is important as well. For example, wearing dress shoes with jeans may look off and make you appear unorganized. Also wearing sneakers to an office position interview may make you seem too casual or uninterested. If you aren’t sure which shoe to match with the rest of your outfit work with your temp services Greenville NC agent to get a second opinion.

Wearing The Right Outfit With Temp Services in Greenville NC

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