What Lean Construction Can Do For You

Lean construction is a methodology that can be applied to your job site in an effort to reduce waste, save money, and streamline the project’s timeline. Essentially, lean construction is all about efficiency on the job site in an effort to get the job done quickly and with no surprise costs. Temporary construction staffing agencies like LaborQuick are ready to lend a hand with our construction temp services to help provide the help you need on any job site, lean or otherwise.

Principles Of Lean Construction

Building with lean construction in mind turns individual stakeholders into a team of stakeholders. Instead of one crew working on the project and only considering how their actions affect their task, each group involved in the project must think about how what they’re doing could disrupt the next crew’s task at hand.

  • Focus On The Process - All subcontractors should be involved in the design process so that issues between phases can be eliminated and suggestions to improve the project can be heard. This helps to streamline the construction process and reduce any potential bumps in the road.
  • Focus On The Project Supply Chain - In an effort to free themselves from market variabilities, participants in a lean construction project will open up their materials and equipment to everyone else involved in the project. This can prevent price shocks, material shortages, and reduce lead times.
  • Use Realistic Contingencies - Lean construction principles suggest that you would assign strict contingencies only to offset the project variabilities. This is where involving everybody in every phase of the project becomes extremely important as it’s up to each member working on the project to recognize necessary contingencies and avoid those that are unnecessary or outrageous.

If you can remove the transactional way of thought that has long existed in traditional construction, you can access a whole new world of efficient construction. Temporary construction staffing agencies are waiting to play their part in your next lean construction product, so don’t give up on the idea of lean construction because you don’t have the manpower when you could easily find construction temp services through LaborQuick.

Benefits of Lean Construction

Lean construction is far more sustainable in comparison to traditional methods based on the reduction of waste, and monetary loss alone. However, using this method of construction consistently prompts innovation on the job site, enhances adaptability to challenges, and can even improve employee morale. A 2018 study states that builders using lean methods completed 45 percent of projects early and 70 percent of projects under budget.

LaborQuick | What Lean Construction Can Do For You

Sometimes all it takes to elevate your craft is an adjusted perspective and a few good ideas. Lean construction can offer the elevated level of efficiency that your job sites may require going forward. Between material and worker shortages, look to lean construction practices and construction staffing agencies like LaborQuick to get you through the hard times.