What is Green Building?

If you are getting involved with a construction temp agency Greenville NC, you may have a chance to work in a newly developing sector of the construction world. As the world is becoming more environmentally aware, there is a push towards green building. While not all temp agency jobs will be associated with green building, the green building sector is projected to be the most rapidly growing in the coming years. The perceived benefits, as well as the positive impact on the environment, make it an attractive area for many businesses. Despite the projected growth, many people don’t know what green building is or what it consists of.

Green Scapes

Green scape is referring to the practice of adding in small parks or plant cover on the top of buildings and has been growing in popularity over recent years. This trend is also being seen in the development of large-scale buildings for big companies. Landscraper is a term created by Google developers when they were designing their new London headquarters. The term is used to describe a building that is similar in size to a skyscraper but is built horizontally rather than vertically. They designed it this way due to the development of rooftop green spaces. The added rooftop area allowed Google to design multiple tiers of parks and green space which allow them to cut down on the total carbon footprint of the new headquarters.

Renewable Energy

In addition to green scaping, temp agency Greenville NC construction jobs may be staffing more renewable energy-related projects. Another section of green building is the incorporation of clean energy production. Buildings are responsible for a large portion of both energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, and the construction industry has been trying to find ways to negate those impacts. The incorporation of renewable energy sources, like solar panels, into building plans, is the first step in reaching carbon neutrality.

Resource Reduction

If you have ever worked construction jobs in Greenville NC, you likely have noticed that there are large amounts of wasted materials. In order to make building a greener practice with less waste, construction companies have started to use building model programs. These programs create accurate estimates of resources as well as allow for prefabrication of parts to allow for quicker production. This results in less usage of large machinery that burns massive amounts of fuel.

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