What is Building Information Modeling Technology?

Building information modeling technology (BIM) is one of the latest advancements in construction technology that enables you to generate computer renderings of buildings and utilities. Access to these models and data can lead to better, more efficient prefabrication of materials as well as on-time and accurate completion on the job site. As a temp agency Greenville NC that has served Eastern NC for over 18 years, LaborQuick understands that commercial construction can be a complex endeavor and we believe that BIM can help to simplify the process.

Who Uses It?

Architects, engineers, contractors, tradespeople, and just about anyone else on the job site can use BIM technology to work together as opposed to working independently, leading to communication issues when dealing with multiple sets of plans.

Advantages of Using BIM

Early Detection - Design elements that don’t quite add up can be discovered and prevented during the modeling phase. Identifying these problems before the construction phase can prevent costly changes once construction begins.

Construction Automation - Elements of the project that can be easily automated are detected by the software which can open up the workers you hired through LaborQuick temp agency Greenville NC to work on more complex tasks.

Increased Worker Safety - Since your workers will have access to specific information about each task, there are fewer hazards and risks that could lead to a work-related injury or worse. Construction staffing companies don’t want to send workers into unsafe environments and you don’t want to deal with worker’s compensation when you could have happy and healthy workers on your job site.

BIM Software Solutions Available Right Now

LaborQuick | BIM Technology

If you’re seeking safer and more efficient job sites, BIM is the way to go. Using BIM on your next job site could help eliminate that costly mistake that you don’t have the budget for. LaborQuick temp agency Greenville NC wants to help you get jobs done right, on time, and under budget. We understand that construction staffing is only half the battle which is why we offer educational blogs like this one on our website. Give us a call or check out our website to learn more ways LaborQuick can help improve your job sites today!