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Virtual Interviews | LaborQuick Staffing

During these uncertain times, virtual interviews are being conducted by construction staffing companies more than ever. Whether you are meeting with a large group of people, only one interviewer, or simply having to record answers to questions for your interview, virtual communication is important. LaborQuick Staffing Greenville NC is here to help you prepare for any virtual interview.

Avoid Technical Difficulties

Virtual interviews heavily rely on technology working smoothly and the best way to do so is to test your tech beforehand. LaborQuick Staffing Greenville NC recommends testing your computer’s connectivity to the internet along with the camera and microphone. It is best to use headphones with a microphone built-in in order to avoid background noise. Make sure to test the microphone on the headphones to make sure the quality is professional. This can be done through the software used for the virtual meeting such as Zoom or Googe Meet. Don’t forget to have the software downloaded and tested before the interview as well!

Be Prepared

It may seem like it is easier to have a virtual interview when you are able to have notes accessible, however, that could actually become a distraction. Limit your distractions by being in a quiet room with a professional background. LaborQuick Staffing Greenville NC, which is one of Greenville’s best construction staffing companies also recommends having minimal apps and tabs open on your screen to stay focused during your interview. So be sure to prepare for the interview as if it were in person. Yes, that means dressing professionally as well. Have questions and answers prepared and be sure to use professional body language to communicate well. Meaning, sitting straight up in a chair with your computer or laptop on a desk with your face positioned in the middle of the screen. Make a professional first impression by wearing a suit, answering questions with confidence, limiting distractions, and being yourself.

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