The Future Of Construction Wearables

The next wave of construction wearables and equipment is on the horizon and construction sites are beginning to equip themselves with the technology of the future. From exoskeletons to smart boots, there is a whole new world of construction wearables and equipment taking the construction industry by storm. If you start looking for construction jobs now with the help of construction staffing agencies, you could be one of the first in the field to explore some of the new ways job sites are getting the job done.


Smartwatches may not seem like such a wild concept now that almost everybody on the street is wearing one, but the ability to monitor the wearer and offer hands-free communication is what makes these watches so valuable on job sites.

  • Health And Activity Data - With the ability to monitor vital signs like heart rate and step count, overexertion can be prevented all thanks to the wearer’s smartwatch. Some watches even have the ability to record electrocardiograms and detect abnormal heart rhythms or blood oxygen saturation to spot respiratory distress.
  • Detecting Falls - As one of the leading causes of death and injury on construction sites, the ability to detect when a fall occurs could save lives. Plus, smartwatches are capable of immediately alerting emergency personnel to boost response time.
  • Safe Communication - Considering most of the work on a construction site is done using your hands, the ability to communicate through your smartwatch is game-changing. Workers are able to work and communicate across any job site seamlessly, boosting productivity and communication across the board.

Construction staffing agencies like LaborQuick want to put you on a safe job site and technology like smartwatches make it easier to do that.

Smart Boots

Boots are already a part of the day-to-day safety equipment lineup in the construction field, but they’re entering a technological renaissance of sorts. Smart boots are able to detect falls just like smartwatches, but also possess a few unique features of their own.

  • Pressure Detection - Sensors equipped in the sole of smart boots allow them to detect falls or small shocks sustained while on the job site and call for help immediately.
  • Location Sensing - Using technology more sensitive than GPS like smartwatches use, smart boots have better and more accurate tracking capabilities which can help to improve lone worker safety and prevent or reduce time spent in unsafe areas while on-site.
  • Built-In Charging - Unlike smartwatches, smart boots can be charged simply by walking to increase the chances of boots remaining charged for the duration of an entire shift.

Boots may have already been present on job sites everywhere, but smart boots are definitely part of a new wave of technology construction staffing agencies are seeing on today’s construction sites.


You may have first heard of the idea in a movie or a video game, but they’re very real today and are being used on some construction sites to reduce the risk of injury by providing additional support to the wearer. Construction exoskeletons are wearable machines with motorized joints that provide extra support and power during repetitive movements like bending, lifting, and grabbing.

  • Back Support - Fitted around the shoulders, back, and waist, back support exoskeletons offer the necessary support to reduce strain during lifting.
  • Crouch Support - Attached to the legs, a crouch support exoskeleton behaves almost like a chair so that workers can crouch with ease for long periods of time.
  • Shoulder Support - To help reduce fatigue while performing overhead lifting, shoulder support exoskeletons redistribute weight from the shoulders.

As you can see, they may not be exactly like what you saw in the movies or video games. Nonetheless, the use of exoskeletons on construction sites is a concept straight out of a science fiction film. The chance to work with a piece of equipment like construction exoskeletons is just one call to a construction temp agency away, so why wait?

LaborQuick | The Future Of Construction Wearables

Today’s watches and boots are revolutionizing the way we look at safety and productivity in the field of construction. Plus, the advent of exoskeletons introduces a new kind of injury prevention that we had only previously dreamed about. If you want to get your hands on the latest wave of impressive construction technologies, get in touch with construction staffing agencies near you like LaborQuick so we can start putting smart boots on the ground where they’re needed.