The Advantages of Temp Work

Temporary employment through a staffing agency Greenville NC can offer a handful of benefits that some may find desirable. Though some find the uncertainty of temp work intimidating, it can be ideal for others depending on their career goals, living situation, or employment status with another company. Let’s take a closer look at some of the advantages of temp work through a Greenville staffing company.


Temporary work can offer flexibility in terms of the hours worked and the duration of the assignment. This is especially appealing for people who are already full-time employees with another company and want to work part-time or contribute to a project. This also works well for people who are in between contract terms for a permanent position, or those who are planning to relocate in the near future.


Temporary work can offer the opportunity to work in a variety of different industries and organizations, giving individuals the chance to gain experience and develop new skills. Recruiters from staffing agency Greenville NC will analyze the skill set and work history of all candidates who apply, so it never hurts to keep building expertise in differing fields.

Supplemental Income

Temporary work can provide another source of income for individuals who are looking to supplement their regular income. This works well for those who want to pay off a hefty credit card bill or have other unforeseen expenses arise. It also provides individuals the opportunity to save money for future plans. Many people stash away cash earned from temp work for their retirement savings.

Employer Benefits

For staffing agency Greenville NC, temporary work can provide a cost-effective way to meet short-term staffing needs, without committing to hiring permanent employees. It can also be a way to assess the suitability of a worker for a permanent position before making the decision to hire.

Consider Staffing Agency Greenville NC Employment

LaborQuick staffing agency Greenville NC is a construction-based staffing company that provides business owners with qualified construction workers for their projects. Although most positions with LaborQuick are temporary, employees are guaranteed work for at least six months. To learn more about our staffing services, visit our website.