Temp Agency Greenville NC Prepares Construction Mentors

An effective mentor is supportive, reliable, and consistent, which are all qualities we see in our clients at LaborQuick. At our temp agency Greenville NC, we strive to hire only the best so that both parties can confidently commit to the job at hand. Our desire is for our candidates to be paired with dependable employers who will lead them in the right direction. Construction mentorship programs are beneficial to company success in that they often generate higher retention rates and overall levels of satisfaction among employees. Keep reading to learn how to be the most successful mentor on the construction site. 

Be Personable 

Being personable and being professional don’t have to be exclusive of one another. When you serve as a mentor to an employee, you are making the choice to cross the line from solely having a professional relationship to now having a personal relationship. Interpersonal skills such as listening, empathizing, and providing advice are all valuable in the workplace and can be utilized as a mentor. A listening ear and sounding board for advice goes a long way in helping employees navigate the construction industry. 

Be Relatable 

When you’re a new employee, it’s easy to get caught up in the idea that everyone around you is perfect and that they make no mistakes. False. As a mentor, your role is to remind those under your advisement that you are, in fact, human and that you were once in their same position as the new kid on the block. There is nothing more alleviating as a new employee than when you feel like you can genuinely relate to others at work. 

Provide Feedback 

Although the concept of constructive criticism may seem contrary to the role you think you’re supposed to play as a mentor, constructive feedback, if delivered effectively, can actually help employees grow in confidence. Providing feedback is meant to improve future performance and truly comes from the best intentions. As a mentor, you should be able to draw from your past experiences and allow employees to learn from mistakes you’ve previously made. Just be sure that as an employer your constructive feedback comes from a place of support, not shame. 

Utilizing feedback to better your work for the future is valuable when you’re trying to climb the corporate (or should we say, construction) ladder. As your leading temp agency Greenville NC, LaborQuick wants your employment to be more than temporary, so we provide job security in the field of construction. We provide our candidates with employment opportunities for no less than 6 months duration. 

LaborQuick | Temp Agency Greenville NC 

At LaborQuick, we pride ourselves on our unmatched ability to fill empty spots with competent workers. Then, once those empty spots are filled, we love to see employees evolve into loyal team members under the guidance of strong mentors. We hope that as an employer, you use our mentorship tips to be an effective leader to one of the qualified candidates at our temp agency Greenville NC. Contact us today to find the right person for your construction needs!