Tech Advancements in the Construction Industry That You Need to Know About

The world's technological advancements are generating quicker and quicker each year. With the rise in technology, there are gadgets for almost everything these days! LaborQuick has designed a list of technological advancements related to the construction world that we think will be on the come up within the next decade. Read more to learn about all of the great possible advancements in construction technology!


Drones are the next obvious step in construction technology. Many construction companies are  already utilizing drones to take their construction project to the next level of precision. With a drone, you are able to see in areas that you couldn't see without climbing or going onto the roof of the building. This is a much safer alternative that doesn't involve any dangerous maneuvering that could lead to potential injury. Here are some of the other ways that the staffing agencies in Greenville NC think that drones will be used in the construction field:

  • Security surveillance: Drones can monitor a site and its expensive equipment when no one is around. Construction site materials are prone to getting stolen, so these drones would be a big help in mitigating that threat.
  • Topographic mapping: What's better than getting a view from the air? When mapping, it's important that you see the whole scope of the land. With a drone, you can get a bird's eye view on exactly what you'll be mapping - and you'll be able to see it from the angle at which you will be needing to draw it!

3D Printing

3D printing is another great advancement that the construction industry can make great use out of. 3D printing allows the fast printing of plastic pieces that could be used for materials, and even whole structures can be constructed from 3D printers! Some of the benefits of 3D printing include:

  • Increased speed: a 3D printed structure can be created completely within a few days, while a traditional building could take much longer.
  • Fewer errors: Since 3D printing is completed on a computer, the technology is able to print it down to the degree. The precision of a fully automatic and computerized printer is much more accurate than anything man can make.

Construction Wearables

Construction wearables will prove that they are most useful to construction workers. These wearables offer many benefits for productivity, but they also are great for construction safety. Here are some of our favorite wearables that we're seeing more of:

  • Smart boots: These boots use sensors to to detect a risk of a collision with nearby construction vehicles. The coolest part is - they're powered by walking!
  • Smart hard hat: smart hard hats can detect "micro-sleeps." These micro-sleeps can put workers at risk of injury. The hardhats sense brainwaves to detect these changes in mind state.

LaborQuick | Eastern NC

At LaborQuick, the leader in staffing agencies in Greenville NC, we've got the lowdown on all things construction tech. We want to provide our applicants with the most up to date information about the construction world. In our experience, we know that construction has come a long way and the field will continue to evolve and grow. To learn more about construction trends and tips, check out the website of the best staffing agencies in Greenville NC.