Steps to Being Hired

There are many reasons you should join the workforce. Increasing wages and better benefits have made starting a new career an easier choice to make than ever. If you are just graduating, or are looking for a career shift, this is the time to take the leap into a stable position that you will be proud of. To ensure you get the job, follow these quick and easy tips during your application process and speak with your local temp services in Greenville NC to help connect you to the right position for you.

Get Informed

When applying for a position, get as informed as possible prior to the first interview. Learning about the company’s services, company’s culture, and staff. Understanding what the position will call for and the standards the company expects from the candidate performing the tasks required will help you gear your interview questions to be more direct and informational. It also allows you to see potential routes for you to grow in the company. For example; if you are hired to be part of a team and you see the potential for project management based on your interview, speaking on that can help boost your interviewer's belief in you as an employee. Prior to your interview speak with your temp services in Greenville NC recruiter to learn more about the company you are interviewing with.


In today’s digital age communication has become the most important and most sought-after skill in today’s workforce. Learning about communication styles and what to look for when speaking with recruiters is extremely beneficial. Understanding both verbal and nonverbal cues can help you come across as more knowledgeable than the competition. Practice these skills daily with your family and friends, or reach out to a temp agency Greenville NC to get an expert opinion.

Getting Hired Using Temp Services in Greenville NC

LaborQuick is committed to working for both companies looking for qualified candidates and the candidates themselves. Whether you are looking for a candidate to apply for a temporary position, or are looking for staffing solutions that are more permanent, LaborQuick temp agency Greenville NC offers exceptional and carefully processed candidates for your business as well as candidates looking to begin their career in construction. Start your recruitment journey today and visit our website to learn more about our services.