Qualities Looked For In A Potential Construction Worker

LaborQuick, your local Eastern NC staffing company, is here to help those looking for a job in construction! Applying for a job can be stressful, and waiting to hear back can be just as nerve-racking. We want our clients to be confident in the interview process and understand what qualities are looked for when working in construction. Our team of experts at our Greenville staffing company has created a list of certain qualities professionals are looking for when hiring a new construction employee.

Physical Strength and Endurance

Construction is an active and physically demanding job. Employers are looking for candidates who able to participate in physical labor because nearly every construction job will require heavy lifting and constant movement. Going into an interview confident in your physical ability to carry out this job will be highly beneficial.


Employers look for stable workers that the company doesn’t have to worry about getting bored and looking for another job. A resume with a list of time frames for specific positions can help show a potential employer this. Working on a construction project can take months, even years, and employers are looking for applicants who want to join their construction family and be around for a while. Construction staffing companies are looking for stability in their future workers!

Relevant Experience

Like any job, relevant experience is an essential part of an application and is thoroughly looked at through the hiring process. Technical knowledge and experience can be just as necessary as physical capability. Having experience working on a job site, dealing with heavy-duty machines, and participating in hands-on experiences such as framing and roofing can be highly looked upon when filling out an application. Construction staffing companies want the best to work for them, so providing all relevant experience is a must!

Strong Skills In Math

If math isn’t your strong suit, our Eastern NC staffing company suggests strengthening this skill or considering a new field. Math is used almost daily on a construction site. You are using techniques such as adding, multiplying, subtracting, dealing with fractions and measuring width, length, and volume while implementing math subjects such as algebra and geometry.

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While LaborQuick helps future employees find the best construction job for them, our Greenville staffing company is also here to help construction companies find the best candidates for them. Our job at LaborQuick is to dedicate our time and resources to help build a solid and successful group of candidates to help find reliable jobs. At the same time, we are assisting companies in removing the stress of finding new employees and allowing them to focus on what is essential in their work. Visit our website or contact us today to learn more about our services.