Matching Skills With In-Demand Construction Roles

When utilizing a temp agency in Greenville NC to help find a job in construction, understand that our professionals will cater to given skills and interests to positions that best fit you. In the ever-evolving construction world, various roles cater to multiple skill sets, so finding positions that suit the job seeker is essential for overall job compatibility. Let our staffing agency for construction explore the most in-demand construction roles and how your skills align with these specific job opportunities.

Project Manager

A skilled project manager oversees the entire construction process, from planning and budgeting to execution and completion. A staffing company Greenville NC will look for these skills:

Site Supervisor

Site supervisors ensure smooth operations at construction sites and need to show skills in the following areas:

  • Leadership Skills
  • Attention to Detail
  • Ability to Manage On-Site Challenges

Construction Estimator

Estimators are pivotal in assessing project costs and crafting accurate bids; having skills in the following is crucial to being successful and for our temp agency in Greenville NC, to see you as qualified for this specific role:

  • Strong Analytical Skills
  • Deep Understanding of Construction Materials and Labor


Carpenters bring architectural plans to life by constructing frameworks, structures, and more. Ensuring you have the following skills will enhance your opportunity to land a carpentry job.

  • Proficiency in Woodworking
  • Keen Eye for Precision

Heavy Equipment Operator

Operating heavy machinery such as bulldozers, excavators, and cranes requires precision and safety-conscious individuals. Proper training and a knack for mechanical operations are crucial.

Construction Laborer

Construction laborers perform various tasks to assist tradespeople and keep construction sites organized and efficient. Additionally, this specific job is more of an entry-level position for those looking to start their career in construction. The following skills and characteristics will place your resume at the top of the stack at a staffing agency for construction jobs.

  • Physical Stamina
  • Willingness to Learn

Structural Engineer

Structural engineers design and analyze structures to ensure their safety and stability.

  • Strong Analytical Skills
  • Background in Engineering is Necessary

Concrete Finisher

Concrete finishers work on creating smooth and visually appealing concrete surfaces. Attention to detail and an eye for aesthetics are essential skills for this role.

Find Qualified Job Opportunities with LaborQuick, a Top Temp Agency in Greenville NC

At LaborQuick, our staffing company Greenville NC only wants the best for those who utilize our recruitment opportunities. With construction being such a popular industry, many roles come with it. The proper skills, experience, and qualifications allow for a seamless job search. Contact our temp agency in Greenville NC, today to talk to one of our professionals and see how we can help you!