How to Clean Up Your Social Media When Applying to Jobs

When applying for a job position, most assume that their resume is the only thing that is looked at, when in reality, social media accounts could count as a second resume easily. While your submitted sheet of professional information is inspiring and impressive, do your personal social accounts match what is listed? More than 60% of hiring managers scour the internet to inspect potential candidates' social profiles before extending a job offer or interview. LaborQuick has put together a list of simple ways to keep your social media clean when using temp agencies in Greenville NC to help you land a career. 

  1. Make your accounts private and only accept close friends and family members to be able to view your posts. This doesn’t ensure that hiring managers can’t see your information, but it definitely helps. 
  2. If you are interested in leaving your profiles public, make sure they are easy to find! Meaning your first and last name should be listed as you would on a resume, and drop the nicknames. If you really want to wow a hiring manager and temp agencies in Greenville NC, customize your url to show intent and uniqueness. 
  3. While social media is all about being connected to friends and family, your profile picture should be solely of you. Update your profile pictures to an upper body and face shot of only you, looking presentable and friendly. Leave your group pictures for the albums. 
  4. Delete inappropriate content such as pictures, videos, and posts. Just think, if you were hiring someone, and saw what you posted, would you consider them a quality candidate?
  5. Can’t think of what is out there with your name on it? Google yourself or have a friend do it from their computer! This is one of the easiest ways to find profiles, pictures, and accounts that you could have forgotten about, that you don’t want recruiters to see. 
  6. Once you have found your old Myspace, Twitter or middle school Youtube account that has been floating around for years, deactivate them! Old, unused accounts can clog up a feed and show before your professional and up to date profiles. 
  7. Check your bios, headlines, and other top of the page components to make sure they are updated and professional. Try to describe yourself as you would to a future employer
  8.  Update each of your profiles regularly, and keep content relevant, and light. Refrain from arguments, sensitive subjects, and offensive wording. There is a time and place for everything!

While social media profiles are used to express ourselves and connect with others, doing this should always be appropriate. LaborQuick temp agencies in Greenville NC suggests finding a professional contact, preferably who isn’t friends with you on social media to help you in your clean to do a quick search of you to give you unbiased feedback. Keep in mind, when things are posted on the internet, they can never be deleted, so only posting professional and appropriate content is key when taking those first steps into the working world. 

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