How To Become A Construction Project Manager Without A Degree

LaborQuick, your local temp agency Greenville NC, is here to help businesses identify the most qualified leads to fill available employment positions. Being a construction project manager are big shoes to fill, and it often requires extensive experience to be hired. In addition, being a project manager requires controlling the time, quality, and cost of construction projects. Our goal as one of the best construction temp agencies on the eastern coast of North Carolina is to find the best candidates for your company and potential employees the best job for them. Being a project manager is an essential job on a construction site, and we want to help you build your resume on how to be considered a strong candidate for such a position.

Do You Need A Degree?

The short answer is no. If your goal is to become a project manager, many staffing agencies in Greenville NC will say you will need to have more experience. Before offering the job, employers will look for at least 10-15 years of experience without a degree. With a degree in construction management, it's not promising you a position as a project manager. Still, it'll be easier to be offered a job in construction because of the academic knowledge you have from your degree.

How To Become A Project Manager With No Degree

Being a project manager requires building experience and showing responsibility to potential employers. At LaborQuick, our construction temp agencies want to help you become a project manager. Therefore, we have provided some steps to take to help build your career in construction.

Work For A Construction Company

Get the experience! Even with a degree, it'll be hard to find a job in construction with no experience. Our experts at LaborQuick, temp agency Greenville NC, say to work for a construction company, grasp the industry's ins and outs, and learn how to direct other workers to fulfill the client's needs.

Find A Mentor

Find someone who has experience being a project manager and learn from them. LaborQuick advises, as staffing agencies in Greenville NC, to ask questions to help you grow your knowledge. Then, see if you can become an assistant project manager to grow your responsibility in the position.

Receive Qualifications

All though you don't need a degree to be a project manager, someone with a degree is more likely to receive the position first. The best thing is to show you are knowledgeable on the subject. You can receive a certification as a Certified Construction Manager, verifying your experience and knowledge of the industry and what you're doing.

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