How Drones are Revolutionizing Construction

If you’ve been around a construction staffing agency, or construction jobs Greenville NC in general, you may have noticed an increase in drone usage, such as Wingtra drones, around the job sites. As drones get more and more popular (and affordable) it’s likely that we will continue to see a growth in drone utilization. However, their meteoric rise to the top has left many people confused about what exactly is being brought to the table via their usage.

Quick Imaging

As any construction staffing agency will tell you, coordinating all of the different levels of a construction job can be difficult and time-consuming. The ability to fly up and capture real-time images of progress and job status cuts out all of the travel time that would otherwise be required. This lends itself to a drastic increase in efficiency and less tense relationships between stakeholders and construction agencies.

Remote Access

Any construction staffing agency or construction manager will generally be in charge of multiple construction jobs Greenville NC at once. This can mean the majority of their day can be spent driving between sites. Drones permit remote access to these sites by displaying comprehensive visuals to the managers and other stakeholders. They can then use this live feed of visuals to clearly communicate with on-site workers to increase overall efficacy.


Perhaps the most important aspect that drones bring to the table is an increase in safety. The ability to monitor progress in hard-to-reach areas means that you can comply with OSHA standards while still ensuring the highest level of quality. Drones can also monitor access into restricted or dangerous areas of the worksite that may not be suitable for all employees.


Drones can also be used in the planning process to see if sites are ideal for certain projects. Crystal clear images with incredibly accurate depth and elevation measurements mean that companies can scout many areas in a fraction of the time with even greater accuracy than the old methods.

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