Home Building Increase

The housing market is booming for a variety of reasons. Low mortgage rates, low inventory, and more have been cited as factors that contribute to the increased need for home construction. This boom is expected to continue into 2022 and will require construction companies to employ an increased number of qualified candidates using a temp agency Greenville NC to keep up with demand.

Low Mortgage Rates

Mortgage rates are at some of the lowest rates in recorded history. These low-interest rates have been an enticing factor in the recent housing boom. As more Americans apply for mortgages, homebuilders increase the number of homes needing to be built. In September, the construction industry saw 712,000 homes being built to keep up with the demand. With the bottlenecks in the material supply chain, builders and construction companies are working to ensure the issues with staffing is under control. This has led construction companies to reach out to temp agencies Greenville NC as well as offer increasingly better benefits in their efforts of acquiring qualified tradesmen.

Low Inventory

The sales of pre-existing homes have gone up seven percent since August. This quick sell-through rate has become a factor in home builders’ plans to build new communities. Currently, there is a shortage of over 5 million homes in the United States. With this large need to fill inventory, construction companies are using their local temp agency Greenville NC to fill their teams and keep their projects on track.

Other Factors

Covid-19 has changed the financial landscape of most Americans. As we continue to face this virus, government officials are continuing to disperse financial relief for those in need. This extra stream of income has allowed some to be able to afford homes for the first time. Furthermore, the increase in family size has pushed some renters into looking for single families homes rather than multiplex living. The increased need for homes has directly changed the construction industry and allowed builders the opportunity to continue to hire skilled candidates. For those construction companies looking to find staffing solutions, using local temp agencies Greenville NC can help get your team built quickly and keep your development on track.

A Career in Construction Starts With a Temp Agency Greenville NC

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