Hiring Process For Construction Staffing Companies

LaborQuick is the leading Greenville staffing company specializing in construction-based work. Rather than applying as an individual at a construction company, LaborQuick streamlines the hiring process by analyzing the skill set and abilities of each candidate and placing them in the appropriate job assignment. Construction staffing companies allow business owners to focus on their projects, rather than deal with the hassle of on-boarding new employees. For those who are interested in working for a staffing company and don’t know what to expect, let’s take a look at the hiring process.

How Is The Hiring Process Different From Traditional Jobs?

Although the hiring process for staffing companies is virtually the same as when you apply as an individual, there are some subtle nuances to keep in mind. The biggest thing to remember is that you are technically an employee of the staffing company, even though you’ll be working at an assigned location. Payroll, insurance benefits, and other pertinent information regarding your employment will be handled by the staffing company.

The Hiring Process

The hiring process for a staffing agency Greenville NC can vary depending on the size and type of company. LaborQuick, the leading Greenville staffing company, specializes in construction-based work, so their hiring process may differ slightly from an agency that specializes in healthcare staffing.

The Hiring Process May Include the Following:

  1. Job openings are posted. Staffing companies typically post job openings on their own websites and job boards, as well as in classified ads and on social media.
  2. Resumes and applications are reviewed. The company will identify candidates who meet the basic qualifications for the job.
  3. The company will conduct initial interviews with qualified candidates (virtually or in-person).
  4. The company may reach out to the candidate's references to get a better sense of their work history and background.
  5. Depending on the job requirements, the company may also assess the candidate's skills and abilities through skills tests or other assessments.
  6. If the company decides to hire the candidate, they will typically make a job offer and discuss the terms of employment, including pay and benefits.
  7. Once the candidate accepts the job offer, the company will typically provide on-boarding procedures and training to help the new employee get up to speed in their new role.

Trust The Leading Greenville Staffing Company in NC

At LaborQuick, we want our employees and business clients to feel confident that they can get any project done. As the leading Greenville staffing company, we pride ourselves on analyzing the capabilities and talents of each applicant before placing them in the job that fits best. To learn more about the advantages of working for construction staffing companies, visit our website.