Hiring in 2021

Qualified candidates that are eager to begin their careers are becoming increasingly hard to find. In July of 2021 alone, 4 million Americans quit their positions to move on to other past times. Staffing agencies in Greenville NC are working double-time to get these positions filled and keep productivity rising. This massive outflux of qualified candidates has led businesses to rely on their ability to hire using an in-depth interview process and in-demand incentives to keep themselves from a staffing dilemma.

Interview Process

As companies continue to look for ways to find qualified candidates, temp agencies Greenville NC have found themselves focusing their hiring techniques to ensure their candidates plan on long-term employment. This begins with an interview and hiring process tailored not only for the company but for the employee themself. Staffing agencies in Greenville NC use their years of experience in interviewing and hiring committed employees to ensure that a company's staffing issues are handled long-term. This process also includes in-depth checks such as background checks for the safety of all those involved. By matching a qualified candidate with a platform to apply to specific positions that they are interested in, companies know that when they receive the application, they are a step ahead of a normal applicant.

Hiring Incentives

Hiring incentives have become more important than ever. Candidates are on the hunt for a company that offers the best financial and non-financial offerings available. Temp agencies Greenville NC continue to offer incentives for qualified candidates to ensure their needs are being met. With the uncertainty of employment status, staffing agencies in Greenville NC have found offering 6-month minimum hiring contracts has been a major hiring incentive for both candidates and the company alike. Along with job security, temp agencies Greenville NC are finding that by offering other work-related incentives such as workers compensation, candidates are more committed to their respective employers.

Hiring Incentives | Staffing Agencies in Greenville NC

LaborQuick is committed to working for both companies looking for qualified candidates and the candidates themselves. Whether you are looking for a candidate to apply for a temporary position, or are looking for staffing solutions that are more permanent, LaborQuick offers exceptional and carefully processed candidates for your business. Start your recruitment journey today and visit our website to learn more about our services.