Finding a Job During COVID-19

Maybe you just graduated from college in the spring or you have been laid off work, either way, finding work is as difficult as ever in the midst of a pandemic. Experiencing job loss is one of the topmost stressful situations in life. However, as you are considering the best options to go about finding a job in the current economy, staffing agency in Greenville, NC, LaborQuick recommends taking advantage of the time to improve your job search and the new job opportunities arising.

Get Up-to-Date

The pandemic is allowing for more time at home than ever before, so let’s use it to our advantage. Start by pulling up your old resume and making much-needed updates. It is best to tailor your resume to each position you apply for by highlighting your experiences and skills. A staffing agency in Greenville, NC can help by reviewing your resume to recommend any improvements be made. Also, make sure to get up to date on new job opportunities arising due to the pandemic such as virtual or remote work. Virtual work will allow you to stay safe at home while making an income.

Narrow Your Search

It is important to be able to find a job that best fits your skills, experience, education, and time. As children are home and more job opportunities are becoming available remotely, it is important to take into consideration what works for you. LaborQuick, staffing agency in Greenville, NC recommends narrowing down your search with specific keywords and job titles you are looking for and filter the results to full-time, part-time, contract, remote, desired salary, company, location, etc.

Helpful Resources

Use all the resources you can, including a staffing agency in Greenville, NC. Recruiters are searching for applicants for various positions from virtual to part-time and even full-time. Job fairs may not be available at the moment but instead, companies are offering virtual hiring events. During a virtual hiring event, employers will screen resumes and conduct group and individual interviews. The end goal is to hire multiple people for various roles in one event.

LaborQuick Staffing Inc.

LaborQuick is a staffing agency in Greenville, NC that provides construction staffing solutions to cities across Eastern NC, whether you are a company searching for reliable workers or a candidate searching for employment. We hire only the best, so both parties can confidently commit to the job at hand. When strong hands meet strong minds, no job goes uncompleted. Whether you are a client or a candidate, we are committed to you.  Contact us today to learn more.