Diversity Is Trending Everywhere And That Means Construction Too

As organizations continue to shift culturally, and the importance of diversity continues to grow, a number of industries are beginning to recognize how important recruitment can be. The construction industry isn’t sheltered from these changes and thankfully there are temp agencies for construction like LaborQuick that can help!

Diversity Remains Low

Men make up 93.8% of the construction workforce in the United States and 58.7% are white. On top of that, the average age of an employed construction worker is 38 years old. This means employers are soon to be in need of young, capable construction workers from all kinds of backgrounds that can bring new ideas and solutions to the table. Don’t miss out on the start of your career in construction because you think it isn’t for you. Temp agencies for construction want to get you on the job site and help you start your career in construction now.

Current Workforce is Dwindling

The current workforce in the construction industry is expected to see 1.2 million workers abandon the career path for something else, leaving 1.2 million jobs for the taking. NC temp agencies are eager to fill those spots and keep the ball rolling, they just need your help.

LaborQuick | Diversity Trending in Construction

Forget what you think the construction industry looks like, that’s no more. The current workforce is on its way out the door and temp agencies for construction are looking to fill those boots. When you look for work through a construction temp agency like LaborQuick, we can offer you ease of access to job listings and job security in the field. Don’t miss out on your potential career path, give LaborQuick a call or visit our website to start working in construction now.