Differences of Temporary and Permanent Jobs in Greenville Temp Agencies

One of the most common questions pondered in the staffing industry is the difference between temporary and permanent job positions. Although the hiring process for both temporary and permanent jobs is similar, there are a few differences that will influence your decision to hire a candidate. As one of the best Greenville temp agencies, LaborQuick has been in the construction industry in Eastern NC for over 18 years. We have mastered both hiring processes, and want to help you compare the differences between temporary and permanent employment.

Temporary Jobs in Construction

Even when the construction industry is usually seeking permanent employees, there are instances where temporary positions are open. Specific projects require the help of more employees, this is when Greenville temp agencies such as LaborQuick are needed. Our professionals find trustworthy candidates to complete the job in a timely manner. Some temporary positions in the construction industry include site clearing, demolition of structures, temporary lighting installation, removal of existing utilities, and more.

Pros of Temporary Positions in Construction

  • Get extra help with larger projects
  • Making connections with different candidates and contractors for future projects
  • Exposure to workers with specialized skills
  • Balance workload for your full-time employees

Permanent Jobs in Construction

As mentioned before, jobs in the construction industry depend mainly on the type and size of the project. A permanent employment position means that LaborQuick will find workers who want employment for no less than six months and can go through our simple hiring process. Although Greenville temp agencies are always looking for temporary employees, they also focus on retaining the right candidate to perform projects such as foundation construction, roads, parking lots, and more.

Pros of Permanent Positions in Construction

  • Predictable and fixed schedule
  • Job security
  • Employee progression
  • Full commitment to the workplace
  • Develops long-term teamwork environment

LaborQuick | Greenville Temp Agencies

We are committed to working for both parties. Whether you are looking for a candidate or you are the candidate applying for the job position, our staffing solutions are exceptional and carefully processed. Start your recruitment journey today and visit our website to learn more about our services.