Construction Worker Labor Shortage

2021 has been a year like no other. The workforce has seen an incredible decrease in every industry across the board. However, no other industry has felt it harder than the construction industry. According to statistics, a staggering 740,000 new construction workers will be needed in the next three years. If you are thinking about a career in construction there has never been a better time to reach out to temp agencies Greenville NC and be connected to your dream job.

Current Shortage

The construction industry has seen over 200,000 new employees join the workforce. However, there are currently still 430,000 jobs available in the construction industry. Finding qualified employees to fill those positions has become increasingly difficult. Construction companies are working with temp agencies Greenville NC to keep their projects on track year-round. However, it seems as the shortage will continue unless a whopping 61,000 new hires are made on a monthly basis.

Why Construction?

Apart from the abundance of open positions, there are quite a few reasons why you should consider a career in construction. The first is a stable work environment. Construction is an industry that has been around for generations and will continue for generations to come. The second reason is that similar to other industries, wages are currently on the rise. Construction companies are paying more and offering better benefits than ever to qualified candidates. Benefits such as comprehensive workers’ compensation give you the peace of mind that when you reach out to a temp agency Greenville NC you will be covered should something happen. The construction field has also become more diverse. Women now make up approximately 11% of the workforce, while immigrants make up around a third of the workforce.

Starting Your Career With Temp Agencies Greenville NC

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