Construction Staffing Greenville NC Cultivates Self-Care

Self-care isn’t just about face masks and painted nails; self-care is a contributor to mental health and an important component in making sure your employees are well-equipped to be successful at work. As your local construction staffing Greenville NC, LaborQuick knows that construction is largely regarded as a rugged, tough as nails industry. With that being said, self-care isn’t usually emphasized among construction workers, but LaborQuick is ready to change that! Here are some tips on how employers can cultivate self-care throughout the construction industry:


The first step in making self-care a part of employees’ everyday life is to educate them on why self-care should matter to them personally and professionally. Self-care is a collection of habits that can improve employees’ physical, emotional, and mental health. It’s no secret that the construction industry is demanding in terms of what it requires from construction workers. From the physical demand to the time commitment, construction work takes its toll. By teaching employees what they can do to incorporate self-care practices in their personal and work lives, you are likely to decrease workers’ stress levels and increase overall job satisfaction.  


Combating the stigma of mental health is essential among employees, especially in the construction industry. By creating conversations around mental health, you’re fostering an ideal company culture of openness and honesty. Plus, employees will be much more likely to view your job site as a safe space. As an employer, it is a good idea to implement a wellness program throughout your company. Also, make sure your workers have and know that they have access to counseling if needed. At LaborQuick, our construction staffing Greenville NC proudly places strong-minded individuals in secure jobs. However, no matter how strong-minded you are, there is no shame in getting help when you need it. 


Think about how your parents always encouraged you to get a good night’s rest before a big day; this same concept applies to prioritizing self-care in the workplace. By better understanding what self-care is and applying it to their lives, employees will likely perform better on the job. As an employer, you want there to be an open line of communication between you and your team members to ensure they feel heard and valued. Remember happy workers are productive workers! 

LaborQuick | Construction Staffing Greenville NC 

As much as you want your construction workers to get the job done, your ultimate concern must be their mental and physical wellbeing. Whether you choose to offer work benefits that promote mental health or simply set aside time to speak with each employee about how they’re doing, we hope that you take the initiative to begin prioritizing self-care among your staff members. To work with the construction staffing Greenville NC that genuinely cares about both its clients and candidates, contact LaborQuick today.