Common Entry-Level Construction Positions

Are you looking to get into construction? The construction industry is a hopeful industry, with labor help needed at all times. Our construction staffing agency urges you to look into entry-level positions that can help you launch your career in construction! Want to look but don’t know where to start? Read on to learn about some of the most common entry-level positions that don’t require years of experience to get started in the construction industry.

Painting Laborer

As a painting laborer, your job duties will be specific to the company that you’re working for. However, our employment agencies Greenville NC like to lay out the basics to let you know what you’re getting into! Painters can choose to become involved in residential work, where painters may learn how to paint residential homes, or center their profession around commercial work. In the commercial sector, painting laborers may involve working on larger buildings, including ongoing construction projects, outside structures, and more. Other elements of work include:

  • Laying down painting sheets
  • Taping off areas
  • Learning proper cleaning techniques

One of the largest elements of painting laborer positions that our construction staffing agency must warn you about - painting involves plenty of kneeling, standing, and stretching to reach for extended periods of time. There are ladders involved in the profession, and we urge you to reach a general comfortability around them.

Masonry Worker

Masonry workers focus their work on the building aspect of construction. Masonry laborers may install building stone and walkways, patio construction and brick walls, and more. Masonry laborers generally specialize in a type of construction material. Different disciplines and techniques are used across specialties. Along with the construction of structures, masons may be called to diagnose problems or rehabilitate structures that are already in place. Employment agencies Greenville NC search for masonry jobs across Eastern North Carolina throughout a plethora of disciplines and specialties to find construction jobs Greenville NC. If you are interested in available masonry labor positions, visit our website to register to our construction jobs Greenville NC portal.

Commercial Construction Laborer

These may be the most common entry-level construction jobs Greenville NC that do not require extensive experience. In commercial construction, you’ll be working on anything that’s not a residential construction project. These projects include, but are not limited to:

  • Schools
  • Large buildings
  • Roads

In the commercial construction specialty, there are seemingly endless amounts of tasks that must be completed throughout the day. This is why it’s no surprise that employment agencies Greenville NC are searching for extra help! Commercial construction laborers are responsible for helping with roofing, debris management, tool setup, and more. This profession is physically laboring, and depending on the job site, you may spend most of your time outdoors. This option is great for those looking for construction jobs Greenville NC that allow them to collect a wide range of skills and use them to develop an interest later down their career path.

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