Building Safety Month: The Background of Building Codes

During Building Safety Month, the leading temp agency Greenville NC is sharing all of the reasons why building codes are important. As a key component to building safety and construction management, building codes share an important function in the development of safety procedures and construction planning. Are you wondering why building codes are essential to construction planning? Read on to learn from the best of the best construction staffing companies.

Background of Building Codes

The United States commonly refers to building codes as “model codes,” which are developed in a national forum. In this way, the forum allows for all interested parties’ views to be taken into consideration during development. Codes are designed to protect buildings along with the people inside them. They cover buildings from natural disasters such as:

  • Fire
  • Windstorms
  • Earthquakes
  • Tornadoes
  • Hurricane

Codes also ensure structural integrity, along with other systems like electrical, plumbing, and internal mechanics. Codes take people into account through their level of ability and take account of practical and achievable levels of energy efficiency. When you think of codes, our temp agency Greenville NC urges you to think about the standardization of construction and building safety. These elements create a safe way for Greenville NC temp agencies to staff and operate under a stable standard that creates safe buildings for everyone.

Building Code Impact

In an analysis conducted by Building Codes Saves, results show that cities with modern building codes have successfully avoided at least $132 billion in losses from natural disasters. Along with money being saved, a reduction in overall property damage was noted. This shows that overall, immeasurable losses are avoided, which means that the stress of temporary housing, finances, and community rearrangement is reduced.

Building Code Usage

Greenville NC temp agencies utilize building codes each day on the job site. It is imperative that All construction staffing companies must follow the building codes to maximize building safety and save on finances. In practice, our construction staffing companies refer to the reference materials to ensure that each step along the construction process meets the correct codes. Beyond Greenville NC temp agencies, other sections within the construction industry utilize building codes as well. Building departments must review plans submitted to them before construction starts, and inspectors must verify compliance with these standards during construction.

LaborQuick | Temp Agency Greenville NC

At LaborQuick, we are dedicated to sharing with the public just how essential building codes are to protecting our communities. To see what codes our temp agency Greenville NC community has built to protect you, visit websites such as Inspect To Protect. For more information regarding building safety, visit our website or contact us today.