Build Your Resume

Building a powerful resume is all about one thing: experience. Competition for positions is ever-increasing, which has led companies to hire the candidates with the most amount of experience. This ensures that their new hires have the knowledge to do the requested job with minimal training time. However, while experience on your resume may be great, not all experience is created equal. Using a temp agency Greenville NC to help you gain that experience in the field you are interested in can help boost your resume quickly and efficiently.

Temporary Positions

There has been a stigma that hourly positions aren’t as helpful as permanent positions. Currently, 40% of employers hired temporary or hourly employees, which is an increasing number. The changing workforce has created a desperate need for temporary or contracted employees that come through a respected temp agency Greenville NC. Using contracted work to gain experience to place on your resume can help prepare you for a potential career in the field of construction. Construction temp agencies Greenville NC are regularly hiring new candidates to fill the increase in positions available. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor, the construction field is expected to see a 7% increase until 2030.

Resume Builders

A resume should accurately reflect your experience for the position you are applying for. Having a laundry list of positions held may help reflect your eagerness to work, however, it can distract the hiring agency from the valuable experience they may be looking for. Construction temp agencies Greenville NC are no different. For a position in the construction industry, use your resume to reflect a specific position you’ve held that can show off your skillset to a potential employer. This will help you stand out from those who’ve may have never worked in the field. Furthermore, use your resume to reflect that for positions held for short terms, you were there for the entirety of the project. This will help show the temp agency Greenville NC that you are dedicated to the position.

Building A Resume With Construction Temp Agencies Greenville NC

LaborQuick is committed to working for both companies looking for qualified candidates and the candidates themselves. Whether you are looking for a candidate to apply for a temporary position or are looking for staffing solutions that are more permanent, LaborQuick temp agency Greenville NC offers exceptional and carefully processed candidates for your business. Start your recruitment journey today and visit our website to learn more about our services.