Available Entry-Level Construction Jobs in NC

One of the best parts about working in construction is that you can learn the trade the longer you work in the industry. You are not required to have a degree to have an entry-level position, but you have the opportunity to advance into higher-level positions the more you learn. To succeed, it is essential to have excellent time management skills, team-building qualities, leadership, and communication skills. If you are looking for entry-level  construction jobs in NC, working with a staffing agency is a great way to build your skills and experience in construction. LaborQuick will connect you to temp agencies in Greenville NC, seeking construction workers at any level.

Entry-Level Carpentry

A carpenter is a skilled individual who is precise in cutting, measuring, remodeling, and building to make residential structures or reframe infrastructure. No educational requirements are needed to work as a carpenter; however, a skill set must be developed through experience. As an entry-level worker, you would likely be carrying and cleaning the equipment to and from the site and learning basic carpentry skills.

Entry-Level Roof Installation

Roofs can get dirty and damaged, which may lead to installing new roofing. At the entry-level job, you may be required to clean up the debris and carry the equipment to the job site. Roofers repair and replace leaking or deteriorating roofs. You will also be able to learn basic level inspection and installation skills.

Traffic Control on Job Sites

We have all seen construction workers who must direct the traffic to avoid the construction site. You will be required to stand for an extended period and pay attention to the traffic flow. Must be physically able to endure weather conditions because the job is outside.

Clean-Up Crew

Construction sites are bound to be messy and require a clean-up crew to ensure that the equipment and materials are handled safely. Clean-up crews are essential for a construction site so all the equipment can be handled with care and properly put away.

Entry-Level Construction Jobs in NC | LaborQuick

If you are looking for a place to start your construction career, look no further. There are plenty of entry-level construction jobs in NC! Our application process does not require any prior construction experience to find you a position with temp agencies in Greenville NC. At LaborQuick, we work with construction staffing agencies across Eastern Carolina seeking temporary construction workers at any level. You can check out our website to apply for a construction job today.