6 Questions to Help You Choose a Construction Career

Once you have ultimately decided that construction is the industry you’d like to pursue, the next step is to select which type of construction career is right for you. Your career choices affect every aspect of your life ranging from income to personal happiness. Because construction is a massive industry, many people don’t know about the variety of different construction crafts and specializations there are to get your hands dirty in. Before you decide which road to pursue (and potentially build), LaborQuick construction staffing Greenville NC has put together the following list for you to carefully consider your options and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What are my interests? Growing up, do you remember the joy of playing with blocks? Or maybe you loved to paint, or take electronics apart, just to put them back together? As a child these might have seemed like pastimes, but little did you know it could potentially help frame your future career path. Channel your inner favorite childhood activities, and relate them to your daily activities that bring you joy today to find a career path you will most likely enjoy. 
  2. Where do my strengths lie? Career interests and strengths typically go hand in hand, because everyone wants to feel as though they are doing a good job. Decipher if you are more of a math-head or if you carry more of an artistic eye. The construction industry has multiple opportunities for both. 
  3. Do I work better on a team or solo? Does team work make the dream work, or are you more of a lone rider? Whichever you prefer, it is important to understand which works best for you, so you can do your best work. Introverts tend to perform better by themselves, while extroverts feed off of the energy and environment of the team around them. 
  4. Do I like to work outside? While there are many outdoor construction jobs available, if your automatic answer to this question is NO, don’t just assume that construction work isn’t for you. In reality, there many crafts within the construction industry that range from outdoor to indoor jobs and everywhere in between. 
  5. Will this career fulfill my financial needs? Working in construction offers a variety of  financial incentives, including rewarding salaries. Selecting a career path that suits your financial needs is important for a quality lifestyle. However, at LaborQuick construction staffing Greenville NC, we advise not selecting an occupation solely based on the finances it offers. Ensure you are getting everything you want out of the job, including benefits, paid expenses, specific time off, or room for growth
  6. What education or training do I have or will need? On top of offering good wages, careers in construction usually don’t require a four-year degree, but it can benefit you immensely if you have one. For any job, it’s important to look at the requirements and qualifications to gain a better understanding of the necessary schooling or training certificates. Fortunately, there is a variety of quality career paths in the construction industry that fit with different schooling, such as: 
  • Apprenticeships
  • Technical school
  • Community College
  • 4-Year Degree
  • Experience

All in all, depending on your education and experience, finances, and preferences, there is a job opportunity in the construction industry waiting for you to apply. Whether you are looking for a job or not, it never hurts to understand your options, and with a little help from you local construction staffing Greenville NC agency, LaborQuick, we can have you paired up with a quality company offering a secure job in no time.