5 Things You Didn’t Know About Construction and Trade Jobs

Construction and trade jobs are essential to the economy and infrastructure of any society. From building houses to repairing roads, these jobs keep communities running smoothly. These jobs provide a chance for people to use their hands and minds to build things that stand the test of time. However, there are a lot of misconceptions about what these jobs entail and what they require. So, from the experts at LaborQuick Greenville NC, here are five things you may not know about construction and trade jobs.

Requires Specialized Skills and Training

You cannot simply walk onto a construction site and expect to be handed a nail and hammer! Like any other job, construction, and trade jobs also require specialized skills and training. Many temp agencies in Greenville NC look for workers with some experience and skills in the workforce. For example, carpenters need to know how to read blueprints and work with different types of wood. Electricians need to understand how to wire buildings and troubleshoot electrical issues. Plumbers need to grasp complex piping systems and know how to install and repair them.

Many trade jobs require certification or licensure. To become a licensed plumber or electrician, you complete an apprenticeship and pass a certification exam. Trade schools and community colleges offer programs in plumbing, welding, electrical work, and more to advance your career.

Pay is Excellent

Despite the misconceptions about low pay and lack of job security, many construction and trade jobs pay very well. For example, the median annual wage for electricians in North Carolina is $51,298.

Many trade jobs also offer opportunities for advancement and higher pay. With additional training and experience, you can become a master plumber, electrician, or carpenter and earn a higher salary.

Diverse Workforce

Construction and trade jobs are not just for men. Women make up a growing percentage of the workforce in these industries. Women make up about 10% of the construction workforce with this number expected to increase as more women pursue careers in construction and trades.

Many trade unions have diversity and inclusion programs to encourage more diversity in their membership. Want to work for a diverse and inclusive temp agency in Greenville NC? Take a look at LaborQuick Greenville NC, where we’re all about bringing people together and helping them find jobs where they feel welcomed and valued.

Work is Hands-On and Engaging

If you’re into working with tools to construct, set up, service, and fix stuff, you'll find construction immensely satisfying. No two days are ever the same, and puzzles are constantly getting solved. This is the kind of work where you're always learning something new and keeping things running smoothly!

Job Growth is Strong

Employment of construction and trade workers is projected to grow faster than average over the next decade! Job security and earning potential are high for those entering these careers. Most roles do not require an advanced degree and pay is often quite competitive. With additional on-the-job training and certification, wages can increase substantially over time

LaborQuick | Temp Agency in Greenville NC

For those looking for a career with purpose and potential, the construction and trade industry offers a compelling path. If you enjoy working with your hands, solving practical problems, and creating things to stand the test of time, this field deserves consideration. With hard work and persistence, a career in the trades can lead to financial security and job satisfaction. Start your construction career with LaborQuick Greenville NC by visiting our website today!