5 Things to Avoid in Your Next Interview

When you’re interviewing at a temp agency Greenville NC, there are many things to keep in mind. There are a lot of things that are important to do when interviewing, but the opposite is just as vital. Here are 5 things that you should do your best to avoid doing for your staffing agency Greenville NC interview.

1. Being Late

While accidents do happen, you should take every precaution necessary to avoid showing up late. Leaving earlier and doing dry runs to gauge the amount of time needed are great ways to make sure you show up on time and prepared.

However, if you do end up running late, call ahead of time to let your interviewer know. By calling it shows that, while you may not have been punctual, you are still considerate and respectful of their time. By not informing the temp agency Greenville NC, you are signaling that not only did you not care enough to be timely, but you don’t have reverence for them or the interview process.

2. Being Dressed Improperly

How you present yourself is an incredibly important aspect when interviewing. It can be a great way to show the company how much you respect them and yourself, but if you don’t dress appropriately it can be harmful to your chances. For most companies, professional dress is the go-to for interviews. Indeed points out that your appearance is the first thing people notice. By dressing as nicely as possible, it can positively influence their opinions of you as you move through the interview process.

3. Speaking Poorly about Past Employers/Coworkers

It’s not uncommon for employers to ask about why you left your previous job. Whether you’re interviewing at a temp agency Greenville NC or at a Fortune 500 company, it’s good practice to speak as highly as possible about your past work situations. Talking poorly about other people makes you appear to be unprofessional and a finger-pointer. Additionally, many business people know each other and have connections at other companies. To avoid speaking poorly about someone’s friend, it is best to speak as respectfully as possible, regardless of past disagreements you may have had.

4. Being Unprepared

If you go into an interview with no prepared questions or general answers, it appears to the interviewer that the interview was not important enough for you to think about ahead of time. When you interview for a staffing agency Greenville NC, you want to have done prior research about the company. This allows you to speak knowledgeably and tailor your answers to align with what a business is looking for. This does not mean making up answers to fit but rather means focusing on aspects of your experience that match with what the company is looking for.

5. Not Following Up

It’s not just a good practice to send a thank you following your interview, it is a bad practice not to. Sending a thank you shows appreciation for the interviewer and their time. By not following up, you will likely fall behind similar ranking candidates who do send a post-interview email.

Interviewing at a Temp Agency Greenville NC

If you make sure to avoid these things, you can help your chances of acing your next interview with a Temp Agency Greenville NC. For more tips on interviews or help finding your next job, visit our website today!